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Buy one. Give one.


Stories, energies, battles, people and lots of love.

For each scarf purchased, we will donate another identical

one to a person undergoing cancer treatment.

The scarf is a versatile and transformative accessory. It symbolizes embrace

 energy, trust and connection with every one who receives our product.

This project is the result of an ecosystem between companies, suppliers and people, with a single objective: to promote the good and raise self-esteem.



Gabriella Art Studio

A multidisciplinary artist, Gabriella has been creating prints for the national and international textile industry for almost a decade. With participation in prizes and fairs, her purpose is to bring art to everyone. Gabi Laruccia explores several illustration and composition techniques in her work. In 2020, she expanded her area of ​​expertise and created her own online art studio.


Instagram: @gabilaruccia


Fernanda Intropedi

Consultant, entrepreneur and passionate about art. For 15 years, she has been developing, creating and planning strategic communication, marketing, branding and business actions for companies and micro-companies. Since 2020 collaborates with the dissemination and expansion of Gabriella Laruccia Art Studio.


Linkedin: Fernanda Intropedi

Instagram : @feintropedi


Chemotherapy & Beauty Institute

Created by Flávia Flores in 2015, with the vision of making life happier and more meaningful for all people who suffer from cancer. the institute has become a reference in supporting cancer patients, from diagnosis to treatment, working with information on health and prevention, beauty, self-esteem and well-being.


IQeB operates in social assistance, health and volunteer projects. In addition to Banco de Lenços, its biggest project, it offers self-makeup courses and workshops, online psychological support, mentoring for professional relocation and other welcoming initiatives.


Instagram: @quimioebeleza



Avro Store

A totally online textile company, which democratized access to digital printing with quality for small entrepreneurs. Avro works with various types of fabric, including ready-made prints or exclusive arts, with a minimum length of five meters. With the purpose of transforming printed dreams into business, it stands out for its exclusivity and support for small entrepreneurs and designers in Brazil.


Instagram: @ avrostore.lancaster


Local labor

Our production is carried out by local workers in Brazil. We strive to create a more just society.



Yes, that's right. You are a fundamental part of our network. Your purchase makes it possible to donate scarves to thousands of people in our country. Thank you for being part of this story.

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