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Thank you for your visit! I am Gabriella, illustrator, print designer, yogi, mom, wife and thankful!

I have been working with the textile industry for 8 years. With a smile on my face, I develop exclusive prints for the Brazilian and international market.


My passion has always been in hand drawn illustration, I am a creative seeker, I love to discover new ways of creating and have always explored this in my work with print design and now I present my first Giclee Collection:



My inspiring muse, I translate your countless forms of expression into different illustrative techniques. Its subtle delicacy represented by the Botanical Series, its explosion of colors, shapes and textures translated into the Jungle Series and its smallest details characterized in the Lines Series.

As in life, my art is multifaceted, I appreciate exploring various illustrative techniques on a single theme. The only constant in my work is the love for details, from careful execution, to the choice of final materials and suppliers.

I work a lot with commissioned prints and ilustrations, my heart is open to collaborate on special projects for your brand or home!

Click here and let's talk!


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